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Trade Finance


Globalisation with the help of technology has hastened the process of producer or service provider being located at one place and the final consumer being thousand of miles away. As usual the flow of goods or services requires the flow of cash. The risk management of non-payment or non-delivery of goods or services as per specification requires instruments to counter the risk.
We are able to offer the following:

- Letter of Credits.

- Standby Letter of Credits.
- Bank Guarantees

Project Finance


Dynamic growth of Asian Countries and Petro Dollar Countries has created an active market in project finance needs.

​We are able to offer the following:

- Infrastructure Funding
- Real Estate Funding
- Industrial Funding

Merger & Acquisition Advisory 


Our group Companies are located globally. We thus have at numerous contacts at SME level. As in any economy SME plays a vital role. Our team is well tuned to local practices along-with forward needs.

We thus not only bring partners but consummate the transaction by organizing financing for the transaction.

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